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Meet Kathy

Healing Touch Certified Practitioner
Certified Mindfulness Instructor

“The bodyworker is not an interventionist: she is a facilitator. Touching hands are not like pharmaceuticals or scalpels. They are like flashlights in a darkened room. The medicine they administer is self-awareness, and for many of our painful conditions, this is the aid that is most urgently needed.”

-Deane Juhan

Meet Kathy

My Story

How I Went from “Woo-woo!” to “Wowee!”

My journey to Healing Touch began with establishing a mindfulness meditation practice in 2008. The pressures of a fast-paced educational workplace (middle school Spanish teacher), marriage, raising a daughter, and a hefty dose of perfectionism brought me to the studio at Charlotte Meditation ( where I learned simple, practical mindfulness skills for a lifetime. I became a Mindfulness Meditation teacher for private clients as well as for groups of students at local public and private schools, summer camps, and, since 2019, for homeschoolers. I remain on the Board of Directors at Charlotte Meditation and have been the Director of Education for Youth Meditation, a non-profit aimed at empowering students, teachers, and parents with mindfulness skills to manage stress and anxiety. (

Mindfulness helped me look at my expectations so I could let go of the past (we all have family dysfunction of some kind; mine was fueled by alcohol, its stress showing up as anorexia in my teen years and, later, as adult rheumatoid arthritis), reduce anxiety about the future, and stay in the present. Trite but true! Even my 2010 experience with breast cancer, chemo, and radiation was a terrifying yet tolerable adventure thanks to my practice. Mindfulness became the first long-lasting foundation for my inner peace.

During My Breast Cancer Year of 2010, the hospital offered Healing Touch as a complimentary support and that was my first experience with its relaxing healing power. I enjoyed my sessions, and then I moved on with my prognosis of “cured” and my busy life. In April 2021, I went on a retreat where I signed up for a Healing Touch treatment “just for the heck of it.” I had been feeling “stuck” for a while, retired from teaching Spanish and wondering what was next, trying to mindfully notice my “attachment to outcome” and let it go but instead feeling uncertain and melancholy. Maybe HT could help me move through this limbo?

What I experienced on the table was unexpected and mind-blowing. Images popped into my head from out of the blue. The most powerful scenario I saw in my mind’s eye was tentacles uncoiling in a spiral from my chest, relieving a tightness I didn’t realize was there. “Am I dreaming?” I wondered. If so, the image was very vivid but not frightening; it only piqued my curiosity and I felt as though I might be on to something! In our post treatment discussion, I found out that my practitioner had indeed used an HT intervention that clears, connects, and balances energy using a slow and intentional spiral movement over the body. I felt it! I saw it! Gobsmacked, I returned home wanting to know more. I immediately went to the Healing Touch Program website and discovered that a Level 1 class was being taught online in just two weeks. Not only did I sign up for that one, but I continued on to Level 2 the next month, and Level 3 the next, moving into Levels 4 and 5 over the next year to complete my training.

I am probably more surprised than anyone that I am embracing an energy therapy modality I used to “poo poo” publicly. “Too New Age.” “Sounds like ‘woo woo’ to me.” “I am trying not to judge, but I am thinking it’s pretty cray-cray!” Yes, that was me then.

This is me now. Scientific research is catching up with anecdotal reports about HT’s healing power. As a practitioner, I have helped clients with all manner of concerns: physical pain and discomfort, mental scatteredness and over-thinking, emotions that won’t go away or need to be released, spiritual disconnectedness. Personally, as a client “on the table,” Healing Touch has turned into the puzzle piece I never knew I needed. It has transformed me. Many of HT’s core principles align uncannily with my mindfulness practice (see Essential Reading and my comparison chart) and have expanded my confidence about “what’s best for me” and how to implement that inner knowing and intuition to support my true and vibrant Self in thought and action. “Woo-woo!” has transformed into “Wowee!” and I look forward to introducing you to the self-heali
ng treatments of Healing Touch.


What I Offer

I am committed to supporting people as they move through stressful life transitions: recovery from illness or addiction, employment concerns/ changes, new relationships, “reconfigured” relationships, parenting children as they grow, retirement, aging, perhaps a general desire to replace a life of habitual inner chaos with inner calm. How do we overcome the stress and find balance? With Healing Touch techniques backed by a philosophy of Mindfulness, I can help you clear and release whatever blocks your way to physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual well- being. You have an innate ability to heal, and I can help you find your way back to your true and vibrant self. Science-based energy therapy accredited by the American Holistic Nurses Association, Healing Touch may be exactly the support you’ve been looking for. Contact me today for a complimentary informational chat to explore if what I offer is a good fit for you!

Why Naturopathy
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Why Healing Touch?


Healing Touch is an evidence-based and nationally accredited Energy Medicine therapy which activates a person’s natural energy flow to enhance and support physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and healing. Practitioners apply light or off-body touch while administering interventions with heart-centered intentionality to clear energy blockages and balance the energetic flow of the body, mind and spirit. It is similar to Reiki but uses more specific techniques.


Healing Touch techniques restore energy flow and increase well-bring at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

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Healing Touch can accelerate healing from injury, medical procedures, surgery and can improve chronic conditions such as

arthritis and fibromyalgia.


Healing Touch can relieve stress and anxiety, supporting deep relaxation and

emotional balance.


Healing Touch can bring clarity during times of change: jobs, relationships, health, retirement and more.


Healing Touch can support terminally ill patients by promoting relaxation

and easing their transition.


Healing Touch can help you discover,

explore, and embrace the

spiritual connections you seek.

What to expect?

You and your HT practitioner set goals for treatment based on your current concerns. You simply relax on the massage table (fully clothed) while your practitioner lightly touches or “hovers” above your body, using specific HT techniques to clear energy blockages and re-establish energy flow. You might feel temperature changes, vibration or tingling or you might feel nothing. Results might be felt immediately or over the next few days. A post-treatment feedback discussion follows the 45-50 minute "on the table" session, including how often you might consider receiving Healing Touch. Total appointment time 60-75 minutes.

NOTE:  HT treatments are also effective via distance.  YES, REALLY! 

I treat clients in Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Mexico, and just across town!  See my FAQs for more.

Covid Mask Policy

I am fully vaccinated and boosted. At this time, I am not requiring masks of my clients, but feel free to wear one and request that I do the same. Note: This policy is open to change.


Concrete Wall

"As someone who suffered from complex PTSD, I found myself with coping strategies that alienated my body and my mind from each other.  I spent a couple of decades nickeling and diming my way to health, but I still wasn't able to feel embodied.  Trauma Sensitive Yoga really helped me build interoceptive awareness, but I still felt I was missing the bridge between my mind and my body.  One day, I was able to release tension from my jaw, and I noticed that it trembled.

Investigating this form of release ultimately led me to discover the concept of Healing Touch.  I was drawn to the modality, and I felt relief when I saw that it is research-backed.  Kathy's profile stood out to me.  I appreciated her candor in former skepticism as well as the highlights of her own journey.  I was comfortable in my sessions from the beginning, and I felt early rapport with Kathy.  Over time, I was able to feel safer in my own body.  This change allowed somatic flashbacks to surface and to resolve.  I am now embodied. 


For the first time in my adult life, I feel like I'm not just releasing stored tension and trauma but actually healing myself.  I have let go of so much fear and grief from my body, which has given me more levity.  As a bonus and surprise, many of my residual injuries are resolving.  I am grateful to Kathy for her role in my journey.  Having her as my Healing Touch practitioner communicated to myself that I am resourced and care about myself but also served as a vital reminder of how important connection is to our healing."   

     -G.S.,  Indian Trail, NC


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