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Follow Up Consultations

In Person or by Distance

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 75 US dollars
  • At my home or by distance

Service Description

IN OUR VERY FIRST SESSION, SET ASIDE 90 MINUTES as we will review your Client Intake forms which you may have emailed to me or brought with you. I will answer all your Healing Touch questions and together we set goals for treatment. You simply relax on the massage table (fully clothed) while, with light touch or off-body hovering, I use specific HT techniques to clear energy blockages and re-establish energy flow. You might feel temperature changes, vibration or tingling or you might feel nothing. Results might be felt immediately or over the next few days. A post-treatment feedback discussion follows the 45-50 minute “on the table” session, including how often you might consider receiving Healing Touch. Total appointment time is 90 minutes. SUBSEQUENT TREATMENTS begin with an update on how you are doing, mutual goal setting, time on the table, and our follow up feedback chat. TOTAL APPOINTMENT TIME IS 60-75 MINUTES. DISTANCE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Not at all. Because energy is not limited by time or distance, Healing Touch works just as powerfully whether working with someone one-on-one in person or at a distance (Zoom preferred). The Covid pandemic offered many opportunities to prove the power of distance healing.

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